Monday, August 12, 2013

Sea Breezy Baby Quilt

My sister, Theresa, recently commissioned another baby quilt for a friend.  It seems like it's first-baby-making season for her group of friends.  Anywho... this was made for Laura Willt Horton whom, when I got to thinking about it, I have known for probably more than 20 years.

Wow.  That makes me feel really old.

Laura lived in the same neighborhood as our family when we were growing up; I think that we all met during our summers spent on the swim and dive teams at the local pool.  Twenty years later, she and Theresa must have more to their friendship than suburban, summer water sports, and yet, what an enduring theme this "water thing" must be... take a look at this quilt.

Theresa sent me a link to the main print from the baby's nursery, a yellow and gray ikat.  Soon enough, I stumbled upon this new line called "Maritime Modern" by Marin Sutton.  Theresa and I chose it because the mother-to-be now lives in a beach town.  So this collection has Moby, little ships, rope knots, planks of wood, sea flowers, and polka dots.

Laura lives in the lovely town of Wilmington, North Carolina, and works as a wedding planner.  (I know: dream job, right?)  I loved this little knot print even before I learned that her business is called "Knotical Weddings and Events."  How perfect!  

The pattern is called "Breezy" from Allison Harris's new book, Growing Up Modern.  It really was a breeze, and I love how this quilt turned out.  I backed it in this charcoal minky and did some very minimal quilting in order to keep it all nice and snuggly.

Apparently, it was a hit at the baby shower, with Laura saying that she could not have chosen the pattern or fabrics any better herself.  I think that's the best compliment that my quilting has ever received!  Thanks, Laura!

And thanks, Theresa, for supporting cutting edge, brain tumor research at Duke.

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  1. Lauren, this is so cute! Gotta love Maritime Modern ;) Great work!
    How great that you and your sister have known this friend for 20 years, that's so fun!

  2. wow, beautiful! you're an artist!

  3. The quilt is lovely, and all of the thoughtful touches make it extra special!!

  4. It's a lovely quilt, I really do love your quilts you've used grey in.


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