Sunday, December 22, 2013

Spring Auction Preview #2

The twenty-fifth time's the charm, my friends!  This is my twenty-fifth quilt, and I think it is positively lovely.  It turned out just as I had hoped and imagined.

I'm just going to give you a sneak peek right now. I'm still putting the binding on it, and after that I plan to admire it and admire it and work up the courage to auction it. (Okay, okay... I promise I will; but I can't promise it will be easy.)


It's my first churn dash, which is a bit of branching out from my usual patchwork.  My husband is getting tired of patchwork.  "Bah!" I say. "Good fabric doesn't need much more," I think.  Even so, I must admit that I very much enjoyed piecing these blocks.  I see many more churn dashes in my happy future.


And just look at Anne's quilting!  My, oh, my!  She is cranking out some wonderful things these days.  More on this quilt later...

For now, I've put it on hold.  It's time to finish up the Briar Rose quilt for my oldest daughter's sixth birthday.  Maybe I'll show a picture of that one next?  It's a beauty, too, if I may say so myself, patchwork and all.


  1. When is your daughter's B-day? Ayden's is today!

    The backing is gorgeous and what a beautiful quilting design Anne chose. Does she longarm?

    I like the churn dash pattern you have picked. I have never done one before. I like your thoughts on how a good print only needs a patchwork pattern:)

  2. What is the fabric on the back? As a former reading teacher, I must have some! I love it!

    1. The backing fabric is from the "Posy" line by Aneela Hoey for Moda. I *think* that this particular piece is called "Meadow." It also comes in a pink background and a white background. Good luck!

  3. The churn dashes look so great, good work! I think they're so fun, i'm debating about doing another quilt with them. I really like the fabric too. It's all so darling!


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