Thursday, January 30, 2014

Spring Auction Preview #5

Are you covered in snow where you live?  We got about 2-3 inches here in North Carolina; it's the most our family has seen in awhile.  It's lovely!

And cold.  Which brings me to preview another quilt that will go up for auction on March 31.  This one is called a felted wool quilt, made from upcycled sweaters.  My dear friend, Kris, made this.  We met when we both lived in Louisville, Kentucky, but now she lives outside of Chicago.  So I think this lady knows how to keep warm in the cold, and this quilt is a good bet for that.  I'm sorry I can't ship it to one of you today, but stay tuned, okay?

Look!  Moose and snowflakes!


Oh, Charlotte.  Still smiling after getting hit in the face with a snowball?


Aren't you just the sweetest?


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