Saturday, August 9, 2014

A Posy Sixteen-Patch

First off: Sorry, but these pictures stink.  I guess that's what we get when I try to spend more time with the fam these days.  ;)

In any case, here's a sweet little baby quilt that I made for my dear friend, Sarah.  Well, I guess I really made it for her new baby, Anne Margaret.  "New" is a relative term, of course; I think that the quilt squeaked in just under the wire for Baby's six-month birthday.  

Anyhow, no more quilt guilt, right?!

I just love these fabrics.  It is the "Posy" line by Aneela Hoey, and oh my - it took me over a year to cut into them, I do believe.

When these fabrics are all sitting in a stack, they just don't seem to go together.  Something about the coral color with a light pink and bright pink and the lavender then a mint green?  But somehow, when it's all stitched up, well... it works!

I think it's all so sweet and innocent and vintage-looking.

I particularly love the girls reading books.  Sarah was an English major in college, so I was hoping she'd dig this.

The backing is a whole cloth of those little girls reading.

This girl is reading a book titled, "The Big Book of Adventures for Girls."  I love that!

And what could this one be doing?  Journaling?  Doodling?  Writing her first novel???

And we have some bunnies and hens, too.  Love them.  And Elyse's half-polished finger.  Hey, she's a good sport to always help with my quilt photography.  :)

This was short and sweet because I'm in the middle of stitching up another baby quilt top!  Hopefully, you'll see pictures of that one soon, too!

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  1. You are so right- until you put the prints together, it's hard to imagine them working! But they certainly do! And the simple layout makes them shine like a box of jewels! Lovely Lauren! And NO quilt guilt- such a wasted emotion, is guilt!

  2. beautiful layout for such pretty fabric :-)

  3. I am amazed that you can make these gorgeous quilts and keep up with everything else! My quilting has been on hiatus, and then yesterday I felted some thrift store cashmere sweaters that were a great find... ♡♡♡

  4. This is so pretty! I have a couple more Posey quilts to make but can't decide on a pattern. I love what you done with yours :)

  5. Fabulous! Love the fabric, your quilt is very pretty!

  6. Beautiful baby quilt. The backing fabric is just perfect. Love it.

  7. What a gorgeous baby quilt. I am sure your friend will love it! Thanks for sharing. Marie (

  8. Very very pretty! I love the vintage look too - there is so much interest in each of the different squares. Well done!

  9. I see what you mean about the fabrics seemingly not going to together, but the overall effect is fantastic!

  10. What a lovely top! I wasn't familiar with this line of fabric, but I may have to get some now! Thanks for sharing and whoop whoop!!

  11. I know I already commented but I had to peek again, it's so pretty! I may have to sort of copy you and give you all the credit :)

  12. Ahhh, very blown away to get to be the family that ooohs and ahhhs over this quilt daily - and forever! Anne Margaret is so blessed. Love it and love you, Lauren :)


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