Monday, October 27, 2014

The (less than!) One Dollar Quilt Top

You did read that correctly. This quilt top?  Yeah.  It cost me less than a dollar.  Shoot!  What a deal!

Sometime over the summer, one of the local quilt shops here decided to host a "yard sale."  So the customers brought in their unloved fabric, and it was offered up at about $3/yard.  In turn, the customers who sold their fabric received store credit for their sales.  (Isn't that just a great idea?!)

See all these pretty squares?  They were pre-cut, and in a scrap bag (with a bunch of other fabric!) marked at $2!  These squares did not take up even half the bag.  Hence, my less-than-one-dollar quilt top.

And check this out: Heather Ross matroyshkas!  Sheesh. I looked those babies up on Etsy, and don'tcha know it: someone is hawking these for $5 per 5-inch square!  Now that is surely highway robbery.  Still, as if I didn't already think I got a sweet deal, that discovery makes it even sweeter.

Now about the same time I made this sweet purchase, my friend adopted her darling, third child.  So I just sewed these little squares all together and voila : (almost) instant baby gift.

And really: isn't it just so bright and cheery?  Perfect for new babies and their cute, chubby cheeks!

(The backing?  More Heather Ross strawberries.  Love those.)

And speaking of chubby cheeks.... Here is the sweet baby, already getting in some good, old-fashioned tummy time.

Now this is why I make quilts!  What a precious baby girl!  Love her to pieces...


  1. Beautiful quilt!! I don't think that I could have turned my head on a deal like that!! Lucky you!!

  2. The quilt is lovely and so is the baby...:-)
    This was a good deal indeed...all beautiful prints...the colors are stunning!

  3. Well OF COURSE we love it, too :). She's snoozing on it almost every day, and the twins love laying down next to her and pointing out all the patterns. Now that I know what that Heather Ross fabric is going for, it's also nice to know we've got the baby's college fund appreciating under her as she naps. If we're desperate it should cover at least a year of college by the time she's 18... Thanks you so much for your generous and creative gift!

  4. (and no, don't think for a minute that we'd ever actually desecrate that quilt by cutting out a square :P ). I still have my baby quilt to snuggle with, and so will this girl.

  5. sweet little quilt, and YES! That is such a fabulous idea. I wish a shop around here would do that!

    :) Kelly @ My Quilt Infatuation

  6. What a great find! Your quilt is so sweet and pretty like always!


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