Monday, March 4, 2013

Pink Diamond Quilt

And... we're off!  Aren't you excited?  Here is our first quilt:

If you are new to the world of quilting as I (relatively) am, you might be surprised to learn that many people name their quilt creations.  I tried to think of something creative, but came up empty.  But as I was thinking about this quilt's story, the quilt became increasingly special to me.

You see, each family who contributed to this quilt has been profoundly affected by cancer.  The quilt started when a sweet friend from church learned about our quilt-making mission and donated a bundle of fabric.  Her family knows cancer all too well.  Then more fabric was donated to this quilt from my own stash, and if you don't know how I know about cancer, well, click on the "Who is Charlotte Grace?" page above to learn about my daughter's fight.  Lastly, my dear friend, Tracy, pieced the quilt top then quilted it.  You'd never guess by this sweet lady's optimism, enthusiasm, and unequaled energy-level that she is a survivor of ovarian cancer.  Bottom line: too much cancer and too few quilts in the world.

Tracy quilted it with 1/4 inch echo quilting from each diagonal seam.

So, Tracy and I have just been referring to this as the "Pink Diamond" quilt.  We're open to suggestions, though, and of course, if it becomes your quilt, you name it whatever you like!  Or not... because really, that's a bit strange, don't you think?

In any case, the size of the quilt is 47.5 inches square.  It is bigger than a crib quilt, but not big enough to be a throw quilt.  I'm thinking that this would be good for a little girl to snuggle under.  Or to have tea parties on?  Maybe... teddy bear picnics, too?

Charlotte just thought she'd demo the teddy bear picnic for you.  Now get off of there, Charlotte - you can't keep that pretty quilt!

It might be nice for picnic lunches outdoors.  Or picnic dinners, too.

The back of the quilt

This quilt might also make a nice wall hanging.  I'm sure that a big, turquoise window is exactly what your home decor has been lacking.  In, say, the master bedroom???  Your husband will thank me.

Close-up of the backing fabrics

Quilt stats:
-Measures: 47.5 x 47.5 inches
-Made by: Tracy and me
-Quilted by: Tracy
-Binding is hand-stitched on the back; I perfected the mitered corner for the first time!  Thank you, Ms. Hartman!
-Fabrics: From my stash (the white is Kona cotton, the turquoise solid and pink binding are Michael Miller Cotton Couture fabrics, and the floral backing is from JoAnn's) and donated (the prints on the front are from Hobby Lobby)
-Comes from a pet-free/smoke-free home

Alright, it's time to bid... you know you want it!  It's just perfect for your daughter, granddaughter, niece, friend's daughter, neighbor's kid, random child at the local playground... anyone really! (Please read the "How to Bid" page above, if you have not done so already.)

Auction details:
Please place a bid in the comment section below.
 - Starting bid: $50, increasing in $5 (minimum) increments
      (100% of the proceeds go toward brain cancer research)
 - Auction ends: Friday, March 8, at 9 pm EST.

*Edit: Auction closed.

And PS: If this quilt is not your cup of tea, won't you still help us get the word out?  Post it to Facebook, pin it on Pinterest, etc.  And check back on Monday, March 11, for our next quilt.

Sunday afternoon stitchin'

(You're really going to like this one!)


  1. Auntie Shannon will open the bidding with $50.

  2. I would gladly part with $70 for something so beautiful (and to such a worthy cause). I have an incoming baby niece due in a few days with which to accessorize that quilt :)

  3. Sharon Creedon (who was experiencing some technical difficulties with signing in to comment, hence me representing her) pledges $80!

  4. Lauren, what a wonderful use of your talents. My daughter is also named Charlotte Grace! She is all of my love and joy wrapped into a fiery little three year old package. I will be pinning and posting on Facebook. Wishing you great success in this endeavor.

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Katie. I love your daughter's name ;) Thank you so much for helping us spread the word! (I surfed around your blog for a few minutes, too - gorgeous work! And gorgeous, Charlotte, too, of course!)


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