Friday, March 22, 2013

"Star Bright" is going to brighten up...

... Claret's day!  Hooray!

Claret is the highest bidder at $525 .  Wow!  It's so exciting to see people be so generous for brain tumor research.  (And I really think this quilt is worth every penny.)

But seriously - that was one intense bidding war!  I left for the grocery store (as per my usual Friday night activity), and I told Marcus that if I were not home in time, to stop the bidding right at 8:00.  (And don't you know that I still have a flip-phone, and so was completely oblivious to all the drama while shopping?)  Well, I walked back in the door at 7:50 p.m. to the two babies having just vomited all over themselves, the carpet, and my husband, all the while a bidding war was ensuing, and my freezer foods were crying to be put away so as not to melt.  My. oh. my.  What a night.

"Wow!!  I'm getting giddy thinking about the cures that 'Star Bright' is contributing to!"

Thank you so much Jenn, Laurie, and Claret.  How exciting to be a part of so much good that Duke is doing in the field of neuro-oncology.

And to those of you who were sad to have missed out on this one, I promise that I have two more which are similar in style to this one.  I'm so excited to put those up in the coming weeks!

Next auction begins this Monday, March 25.  See you then!

(And for those of you worried about the babes, it seems that Charlotte and Marian have caught that nasty stomach bug that is making its way around.  Bummer.)

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