Thursday, May 9, 2013

Race Day Quilts

Now that our quilt auction is over, the quilting is really going to start to slow down.  But first, I have some things to wrap up.

We took two quilts to auction on the day of the Angels Among Us event on April 20.  First, we took the Angels Among Us quilt.  The bidding closed on the online auction at $500, so this was the beginning bid that Saturday morning.  During the day, many people walked by our booth in the "marketplace" to admire and compliment the quilt.  There was another family who loved it enough to bid on it, too.

Here's Charlotte and her "Mamaw." 

But in the end, and after some negotiation, my mother-in-law ensured that her daughter won the quilt.  And she paid $1,000 for it!  Thank you so much, again, to the Crooked Road Quilters' Guild for making the angel quilt, and to Christina for winning the auction and donating so generously to Duke's brain tumor program.

The second quilt which we took to auction was a generous donation that I named the Blueberry Crush quilt.  This quilt had so many lovely fabrics in it.  I really love it!  Unfortunately, I did not have time to photograph it, so I just pulled this photo from Sara's blog.

Blueberry Crush quilt by Sara Strange

Sara heard about our quilt auction from a post that Sarah Jane did on her blog, telling a bit of Charlotte's story and featuring this little quilt auction of ours.  (Which, by the way, was so kind and generous of Sarah Jane to do.)  Well, Sara Strange felt compelled to donate this quilt that she had made for her husband's grandparents, both who recently passed away, one from cancer.

After reading about us on the vast, world wide web, Sara discovered that we live in the same town.  And so how easy was that?  She touched base then swung by the following week.  This quilt is chock-full of such lovely fabrics; I was sad to see it go. I am so grateful, though, that it fetched $175 from a bidder at the auction.  Many thanks, Sara!

Now this last quilt, I had no part in.  I just want to show you some pictures because it is A-MA-ZING.

This quilt was donated to the silent auction at the event that day.  It eventually went for $250 (I think).  I was sad that I did not bid!  This quilt looks similar to the quilt that was showcased at the event last year, and which was one of the main reasons that I was inspired to start this auction.  The blue and white are Duke's colors, of course.

Ready for something really neat?

Can you see the angel on a cloud and the stars?  Yes, it's true: the quilting of this piece is the logo for the Angels Among Us event!  How amazing is that?  This design was repeated over and over again on the entire quilt.  I only show you one here because it's easiest to see in the picture that way.

I have no idea who did this quilt, but I am assuming that it is the same person who did the quilt last year.  If anyone out there knows this person, I'd love to be in touch.

Well, since the quilt auction is over, I will be posting much less frequently.  But I do still have some quilts to show you.  Coming up in the near future, I have two, privately commissioned baby quilts to show, then a larger, collaborative work for a brain tumor patient.

Don't go away!


  1. "Now this last quilt, I had no part in. I just want to show you some pictures because it is A-MA-ZING." you are a funny lady! How did they do the Angels Among Us Logo? How is that done? That's Amazing!!!

    1. Pretty cool, eh? I think the quilter probably drew the design, uploaded it to their sewing machine, and then let the machine do it. Or, they might have done it "free-motion;" long-arm quilters never fail to impress and amaze me!


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