Monday, April 15, 2013

Angels Among Us Quilt

Today's quilt comes to us from some sweet ladies in my husband's hometown, including his mother and his aunt!  Quite a few months ago now, when I first appealed for help with my quilting fundraiser, Marcus's aunt approached the local quilt guild to see if they might want to help with a charity quilt.  They agreed and put together this wonderful quilt, based on the theme of the our fundraiser's name: Angels Among Us.

The ladies each contributed at least one angel block, which were then sewn together into rows with sashing and cornerstones.  There is a total of twenty, 12-inch blocks.  So with those blocks, plus the sashing and borders, this is our biggest quilt this year at 72 by 82 inches!  It has already been fitted with a pocket for a rod, so that it could easily be made into a wall-hanging.

It is also big enough to adorn a little girl's, twin-size bed.

Let's take a look at some of the blocks.  First, is the Angels Among Us logo:

And how pretty is this one?

This little angel is cute, too.  Doesn't she look like my Charlotte?

This angel is machine-embroidered and quite lovely.

There are four of this sweet angel, though they all look different because of the different fabrics used.

The angels are all so neat and quite different because they were done using a variety of techniques.  Some were hand-embroidered, others machine-embroidered, while still others were appliqued or paper-pieced.

Now, let's talk quilting.  The quilt was done entirely with free-motion quilting.  The white fabric that makes up each angel block is quilted with a pretty tight stippling.  (This can easily be seen in the photos above.)  Working our way out, the sashing was done with a scroll technique.  Lastly, the borders were done with a feather stitch.  The quilting is truly exquisite.

This purple fabric backs the quilt.  The quilting from top to bottom: feathering, scroll work, and stippling.

This impressive quilting was done by the same, sweet lady who did my "Once Upon a Time" quilt, Ms. Reva Hill.  She owns the local quilt shop, All to Pieces, in the little town of Haysi, Virginia.

Here's a close-up of the feathers:

And one of the scrollwork:

Oops!  I accidentally left out a few close-ups of angels.  Here are a few more:

Oh, I just really love white eyelet.  Reminds me of my childhood. Sigh.

Now, we're going to do this auction a little bit differently.  Because this quilt has been themed "Angels Among Us," we feel it is only appropriate to take it to the Angels Among Us event this Saturday, April 20.  So we will take bids on the quilt through Thursday evening.  When we close the bidding on Thursday, then the highest bid will be our starting bid at Saturday's event.  Our highest online bidder will be able to communicate (privately through email) a "highest possible bid"  for us to take to the event on Saturday.  (I do hope that this makes sense.  Please email me with any questions, okay?)

Lastly, because of the size of the quilt, the materials used, and the exquisite quilting, the minimum bid for this quilt is $500.  Remember: 100% of the proceeds goes to fund brain tumor research.

Quilt Stats
-Measures: 72 x 82 inches
-Made by: The Crooked Road Quilters' Guild of Haysi, Virginia
-Quilted by: Reva Hill
-Fabric: high-quality quilting fabrics, including Moda and Michael Miller
-Smoke- and Pet Residue-Free

Auction Details
-Please place a bid in the comment section below.  If you are posting as "anonymous," then please leave your name in the comment form, e.g. "Jane Doe bids $500."
-Starting bid: $500, increase by $25 (minimum).  (Proceeds to benefit brain tumor research!)
-Auction closes on Thurday, April 18, 8 p.m. EST. (But will continue at the Angels Among Us event in Durham, NC.)

Many thanks for this lovely quilt to Aunt Phyllis, the Crooked Road Quilters' Guild, and Ms. Reva Hill.


  1. $500
    I'll start the bidding since my Mom, Aunt and all the quilting guild ladies worked so hard for this. Chrisitna Monfalcone

  2. Bidding is closed. My sister-in-law, Christina, will open the bids with $500 at the Angels Among Us event in Durham, NC, this Saturday. Thanks, Christina!


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