Monday, April 1, 2013

Sweet Star

First things first: I'm taking a trip this weekend (Wahoo!), so this auction will be ending this Thursday, April 4, instead of the usual Friday end-date.  Don't miss out!

Today's quilt, "Sweet Star," comes straight to us from my dear friend and quilting mentor, Tracy.  I'll just get out of the way and let her tell the quilt's story:

"I used some of my favorite fabrics to make a quilt for one of my favorite people, Charlotte!

Here you can see all the lovely fabrics that Tracy used.

"The star seemed a good choice to show off the fabrics and because Charlotte is such a bright star!

A bright Super Star!

"We have known the Deels since Elyse was born [in Dec. 2007]. We were new mommies at the same time, except my 'baby' was a little bigger and on the move!  We were so thankful when God had the Army station us in the same place.  We are so blessed to see first hand how Charlotte is blossoming.  Being able to hear her speak and sing, and to see her dance, roll, and sit, fills our hearts with joy.  Charlotte also has a big personality that my whole family adores.  She makes the funniest faces and jokes; it is hysterical.  My 8 year old often wants to go and have a chat with her.  She truly is a star to us.

Asher and Charlotte having a "chat."

"When I make a quilt, I have a lot of time to think.  When a quilt is for someone else, I usually thank God and pray for them.  This time I spent time wondering who would win it and a lot of time praying for Charlotte and her amazing family.  I thanked God for being near the Deels during this time so I can see His amazing work in their lives.

"When Lauren and I met, my son had just come home from China at two and a half years old, and she had just had Elyse.  I am in awe of how Marcus and Lauren's parenting and faith have grown over the last five years.  Lauren is the most amazing example of an advocate I have ever seen.  Nothing happens to Charlotte that Lauren hasn't researched and prayed about.  By research, I don't mean WebMD; Lauren reads case reports and medical journals.  She is so smart!  She also keeps track of many medications, therapy appointments in and out of the home, tube feeding, plus all the other things Mommys do.

Back of the quilt - a lovely ocean blue with a strip of front-side scraps.

"Marcus is so sweet with all his children, but there is something so dear about him with Charlotte.  When he gets home, Charlotte only wants him.  So adorable!  He is quick to jump in and help with everything.  He also makes sure Lauren and I get our quilting nights.  Yay!"

Aww... thanks, Tracy.  Isn't she so sweet?

Well, this quilt is so light and airy because of the way that Tracy quilted it with straight-line quilting.  You can best see this in the picture of the back of the quilt (above).  Maybe it's because of the quilting, or maybe it's because of the little anchors set in gray, but when I first saw this quilt, it just screamed, "Take me to the beach!"  I think it'd be perfect for an afternoon lounge on the shore.  You are planning a trip to the beach this summer, right?

Also, as I was trying numerous locations to get some good pictures of this quilt, one place it ended up was on top of our all-white bedding.  It really looked good there as it added a little bit of color while maintaining a "calm" mood because of the cool and subdued color scheme.  Oh, you have all-white bedding, too?  Then this is the quilt for you.

(Disclaimer: this quilt will probably not work well for both of the above scenarios simultaneously...)

The quilting makes this lovely little centered star on the back.
Quilt Stats:
-Measures: 64.5 x 64.5 inches
-Pieced and Quilted by: sweet Tracy
-Binding is hand-stiched.
-Fabric: Sarah Jane, Alexander Henry, DS Quilts
             for JoAnn's, Kona Cotton, and Warm &
             Natural Batting
-Comes from a pet-free/smoke-free home.

Auction Details:
-Please place a bid in the "comment" section at the
  end of this post.  If you are signing in as
  "anonymous," please leave your name in the
  comment, e.g. Jane Doe bids $125.
-Starting bid: $125, increasing in $5 (minimum)
-Auction ends Thursday, April 4, at 8 p.m. EST.

 (100% of proceeds go toward brain cancer research!)


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