Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Top Ten

Sweet Tracy dropped a hint about this "linky party" going on every Tuesday.  You list a "top ten" and then join the party with a link to your blog.  I thought this could be a really fun post to write (not to mention that our cause could always use a little more publicity).  I've taken her up on the challenge, so here's my list of:

Top Ten Reasons to Support Brain Tumor Research by Winning a Quilt

1. Cures in Place are a Good Thing

 When my precious daughter, Charlotte, was diagnosed with a malignant brainstem and spinal cord tumor at the too young age of 3-months old, the neurologist who had ordered the MRI said to us, "Sorry, I guess the cards just fell poorly for this little one." Really?  That's what you can offer us?  For as devastating as a brain tumor diagnosis is no matter what, I'd much rather hear, "Ain't no thang," as compared to the above, no-hope-at-all explanation.  "Ain't no thang" would include, of course, chemotherapy and potentially surgery and radiation, but the idea would be to give hope for a reasonable prognosis in the same breath as the diagnosis.  I believe that this is what the researchers at Duke are working towards when they say, "At Duke... there is HOPE."

2. Brain cancer research could propel cures for many other types of cancer.

Duke is conducting cutting-edge research and providing hope-filled patient care.  If you have ten minutes to spare, watch this video.  If not, here's the gist: researchers at Duke have been able to genetically modify the poliovirus and are using this to treat the deadliest malignant brain tumor in adults: glioblastoma multiforme.  The results have been remarkable for these tumors.  Not only that, but other forms of cancerous tumors appear to respond well to this form of treatment.  The pediatric research department is also conducting exciting research in the form of immunotherapy for medulloblastoma tumors.  (And these are only two, brief examples of the exciting research that the Brain Tumor Center at Duke is conducting.)

3. Quilts are Pretty.

Case in point:

4. Quilts are Useful.

Gotta keep the babies warm!

5. Quilts are Handmade.

Need I say more?  You know "handmade" is all the rage.

6.  Quilts make great gifts. 

Give a quilt, and you'll be the most popular guest at the baby shower/birthday party/retirement party, etc.

Furthermore, how neat to give two gifts: to donate to cancer research and then to give a quilt to someone special who would appreciate not only the quilt, but the donation as well.  I still remember a gift that the pianist at my former church gave me at the baby shower for my firstborn.  She gave me two different CDs, but then also included a card saying that she had made a donation, in my child's name, to a charitable organization that provided music (lessons, instruments, etc.) to children in Africa.  This is doubly meaningful, wouldn't you say?  Maybe you could win a quilt, then give it to someone special in your own life who has been affected by cancer.

7. These quilts are tax-deductible!

That's right: when you "pay," you make a tax-deductible donation straight to the 501(c)3 organization called Angels Among Us, in support of Duke's Brain Tumor Center.  And at the end of the year, your donation will be considered tax-deductible because, technically, Duke University did not offer you any "services or goods in exchange" for this donation.  No, it's just a little "thank you" from our team to you.

8. Friday night bidding wars are nothing short of good, clean fun!

The "Star Bright" quilt caused quite a stir a few weeks back. It was highly coveted and went for a hefty price!

9. When was the last time you said, "I win! I win!"?

And when was the last time you had so much control over winning?

10.  Charlotte will thank you.

Come on... how can you turn down this sweet mug?

"Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!"

P.S. Did I pique your interest?
       Read our current quilt's story and make a bid here.
       It's a pretty one!


  1. Lauren, I wanted to thank you for the beautiful stroller quilt that I bid (and won) last week. My oldest daughter had a premature baby (my first grand daughter)at 28 weeks and the precious baby was finally able to come home last week. We wanted something handmade and had been searching for months when I came upon your site. We could not think of a better cause to support and we hold unwavering hope that your precious daughter will be helped by the research being done at Duke.


  2. Oh my! You have me in tears! Thank you so much for sharing this. I'm so happy to hear that your granddaughter is safely home now. What a blessing! Thank you so much for supporting this cause and for supporting Charlotte and joining us in hoping for her healing.


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