Monday, June 23, 2014

Kai's Quilt

Look at this kid!  Isn't he just the cutest?!

So this is Kai (the name is short for "Malachi").  He is my friend, Tracy's, fourth child.

Kai at two months old

Tracy is the same, sweet friend who kept my kids every week for the last year and a half while I took Charlotte for chemo.  (And the same friend who made this quilt and this quilt and this one, too.)

So one day in early May, Tracy told me that she would be leaving within the week to go pick up Kai from Las Vegas and bring him home.  "What?!"  Even though her adoption papers had been with the agency for almost a year, this all seemed very sudden.

Well, off she went to Vegas to pick up Kai.  Now even though I had other baby quilts in the queue, I stopped everything and whipped up this quilt top.  After all, Tracy would do no less for me.  I got the top done (tweaking one of Camille's patterns), then off went to New York City for a long weekend with the husband.  (Our May trips make Tracy and me sound much more exciting than we are in real life!)  

Of course, Anne came to my rescue yet again.  While I was enjoying myself in NYC, she did her great meander on this fun quilt, even though she had a teeny newborn herself!  (In the picture above, I just love the Sarah Jane print of cloud shapes; particularly, the little house makes me think of Kai having a forever home in Tracy's family.)

The quilting was all done when I returned home, so Anne dropped the quilt off, I slapped the binding on, and it was ready for Tracy and Kai when they returned from Vegas.  Hooray!  I love a good surprise; and what could be better than a surprise quilt?

Tracy likes Ed Emberly, so I did the backing in these frogs.  Which, I must add, I have seen in pictures online, but oh my goodness: they are sooo  much cuter in real life!

I am so happy that this quilt has been such a hit with Tracy and Kai.  Tracy just loves the colors!  And of course, she loves Sarah Jane and Camille, too!  I think I nailed this one... yay!

Our family is so happy that even though we've moved to a wonderful new home, we are still not too far from Tracy's family - just about an hour away!  They've already come to play at our home in the woods.  

I wish I had a picture of all of them, but they are all so quick and busy that all my pictures came out blurry!  The one above is of Kai's big brother and sister, Asher and Betsy, with my Elyse in the middle.  What sweet kids!


  1. Still can't believe you and Anne made this amazing quilt so quickly! We all love it. We miss you all but love your new home. We're glad you aren't too far. <3

  2. Fab quilts and Kai is just gorgeous, I hope you had a romantic weekend in my city with your husband and didn't visit The City Quilter and not say hi to me?!!! - Chris:D

  3. You did a great job! Talk about a quick turnaround. Visiting from NTT!

  4. A lovely gift for little Kai. Visiting from NTT

  5. I love your Dapper quilt. That is definitely on my to-do list.

  6. Hello Lauren,

    Little Kai is so unbelievably sweet, the way he is looking at the teddy is just so funny. The quilt is lovely, and I love the fact that it is a joint project, with your friend doing the quilting.
    It would be great if you showed this quilt on my linky this weekend, Free Motion Mavericks. It still early days yet, and I would love to see baby Kai there!

    Love from England, Muv


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