Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Raffle quilt for Allergy Research

*Note: Quilt Raffle has ended.  Julia Jech is the winner. Thank you for all the entries and support!*

It might be hard to believe, but this lovely quilt could be yours by the end of this week!  Ain't nothin' in life free, though, friends, so I'd better give you the details...

Tracy used Allison Harris's "Suburbs" pattern.

One of Charlotte's best friends in all the world is this sweet kid:

Elijah is the son of my friend, Tracy. (And yes, he is every bit as sweet in person as he looks in this photo... and then some!)

Lots of lovely fabric by Bonnie & Camille

Tracy has made quilt after quilt after quilt for my brain tumor auction, and now she's made another one to help raise money for allergy research because her sweet Elijah is living with life-threatening food allergies.

And even some Wee Wander goodness!

Here is what she wrote on her fundraising page:

"Our sweet Elijah's life is affected by food allergies every day.  He is so sweet, strong, and resilient - he constantly amazes us.  Even though he has risen to the challenges before him each day, having to be kept separate from so many things to keep him safe is very, very hard for him.  We pray each day for his allergies to become less sensitive or go away.  We pray for researchers to find ways to help or to find the cause.  We pray that we can keep him safe so the unthinkable never happens.  We educate the people around us to help Elijah have the most normal childhood possible.  FARE supports both research and education.  We ask you to support our team and join us in prayer for a cure.

*Note: Quilt Raffle has ended.  Julia Jech is the winner. Thank you for all the entries and support!*

Look: a little gray house made out of wooden planks!

"We are having a raffle for a large, throw-sized Christmas Quilt to thank our donors.  For every $5 you donate, we will put one ticket in the bucket.  When you donate $20, we will give you a bonus ticket.  Winner will be chosen on the eve of the allergy walk."  (That would be this Friday night!)

You are still welcome to support food allergy research, but...

*Note: Quilt Raffle has ended.  Julia Jech is the winner. Thank you for all the entries and support!*

This kid's gonna be a heartbreaker... so handsome!

Even $5 will get you a ticket into this raffle!  And really, that's nothing when we're talking about keeping our little people safe.  Elijah is one of the nicest boys I know.  Really: he is always looking out for others.  When he comes to play at my home, he sticks close to Charlotte in order to make sure she is doing okay and having fun.  Or, last time he was here, we couldn't find him.  But he was off "babysitting"  my youngest, Marian.  (Which I guess means that we couldn't find her, either - oops!)  Anyhow, we love Elijah so much, so please, be nice like Elijah: donate a few bucks.  And you just might win this very pretty quilt...

*Note: Quilt Raffle has ended.  Julia Jech is the winner. Thank you for all the entries and support!*

The quilt is no longer available, but you are still welcome to...

Click here to donate now and help us say FAREwell to food allergies.


  1. Good luck with your raffle! It is a very good cause and a lovely quilt!

  2. I'm in! I recently discovered many foods trigger a lot of symptoms that go along with my other health junk. It's nothing in comparison to this sweet boy but I'm glad to help! Bless his heart. That quilt is beautiful, I've been admiring that pattern for awhile now! Best wishes to you all.

  3. Lovely quilt! Love the quilting! Amazing cause Good Luck!

  4. What a sweet quilt. Love the quilting and this is such a great cause!

  5. The quilt is awsome, and he is absolutely adorable! ;)


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