Sunday, May 28, 2017

Big Baby Churn Dash

Super quick post here... I'm just trying to keep a log of the quilts I finish (which are just too few and far between these days - ugh!).

Anyhow, this little baby quilt was for the baby of a dear friend of mine, Sarah. She named her fourth baby, Theodore - isn't that too cute?!

I used fabrics from Sarah Jane's "Magic" fabric line, and this print below was my favorite - architectural plans for castles! I loved using it as my low-volume print for the background. The gray print has dragons and the navy blue is stars. Perfect for an aspiring knight!

My friend, Sarah, was so gracious not to mind that the quilt was oh-so-many months late! She loves her some handmade goodness, though, so I knew I'd get a deadline extension. :) 


  1. Lovely finish Lauren! Are they little ducks on the other print? Very cute indeed!

    1. They are little dragons! Isn't that precious? He'll be a dragon-slayer, for sure!


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