Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Wee Wander Quilt

Well, hello and welcome back! Indeed, let me welcome myself back to this little blog.  The thing is, I haven't had as much time for quilting in the past two years, and I haven't felt much motivation to blog. But I do feel that "keeping up" with the quilting community inspires me to keep sewing. It feeds my creativity and my motivation.  

So sharing a blog post or two every now and then will hopefully keep me connected to my quilting (and other) friends and keep me motivated and on track in my quilting goals.  Also, I just like to have pictures of my quilts in one spot. That's here. There are a few quilts that I made last year that I was in such a hurry to gift that I didn't even photograph them.  Now, that makes me sad!  At the time, I didn't think that I cared too much. But it turns out, I do.  So here's to better documentation of my quilts!

As it turns out, this is my THIRD quilt out of these "Wee Wander" by Sarah Jane fabrics.  The other two were baby quilts (seen here) that were given to a friend and sister-in-law for their new babies.  But this one is for MY baby!  Actually, it's for my oldest baby, Elyse, for her ninth birthday.

The pattern is called "Red Velvet" by Camille Roskelley, and gee did I wish I had a bigger design wall when planning this quilt. My sweet husband was a dear to put up with it sitting (in dozens of pieces) on the bedroom floor for what turned into two weeks!

We're always told not to play favorites, but heck - this print (above) is mine!  The girl reminds me of how I used to collect fireflies as a child, and now, she reminds me of how my daughter currently does.   She looks like us!

So many of these prints are really lovely and perfect for my daughter. She loves the outdoors and especially loves horses, so I love that particular theme in this fabric line.  I also love how the prints used for negative space still had images in them, like the girls feeding the birds.

A last little touch that I think is sweet is the addition of this "P.S. I love you" tag.  I have a miserable track record when it comes to labeling my quilts, but this was a super cute find at a local quilt shop, and I've enjoyed adding them to quilts lately.

And of course, a huge "shout out" to Anne who quilted this with her signature "meander". Thanks, friend!

Up next... my third "Posy" quilt.  Can't wait to share that one.  See you back here soon!


  1. Those sweet prints are perfect for this pattern Lauren! I love the Chubby Star pattern! I made a quilt with this pattern back in 2009 from the original Material Obsessions book by Kathy Doughty! It is a very versatile pattern! Lovely to have you back for a visit to blogland!

  2. It's fantastic! I love that line!

  3. I loved your little tag. Is sooooo cute!

  4. I don't think there could be a more perfect way to use these delightful fabrics Lauren. Your quilt turned out wonderfully!


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