Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Not much to show...

... for not posting on this little blog for over a year! Oh dear! I have really let blogging fall by the wayside, and to be honest, quilting, too! It's been so sad. But I have missed archiving my work in this space.  I have shared some of my makings on Instagram and Facebook, but it's just not the same.  Every now and then I will come back to this space and look at old quilts that I made and be thrilled all over again with some of the things I've done but forgotten about!

So I'm going to try to post every now and then just to keep a record of what I've been sewing.

First up... I don't have a good picture of this finished quilt, but you get the idea: half square triangles of Cotton + Steel.  This was a charity quilt for a good friend of mine.

Next up: this quilt went our friend, Gracie.  She one of Charlotte's best friends and good helpers, too! When she turned 16 earlier this year, it was time to whip up a quilt for her.  I used a jelly roll of Mormor by Lotta Jansdotter and a Camille Roskelley pattern. I love how it turned out, and I think she did too!  ;)

After Gracie's quilt came another quick quilt from pre-cuts and another Camillle Roskelley pattern. This one was a surprise for a quilt-loving friend at church.

Now this little pillow was done just a week or two ago.  I'm still working on a quilt for my youngest, Marian.  I'm trying to make a quilt for each of my four kiddos on their even-numbered birthdays.  Marian was turning four earlier this month, but alas - her quilt is still in the making.  But these little economy blocks came to the rescue.  I did a handful of them back when it was the trend, but didn't make enough for a quilt before I got distracted moved along to something else. But don't they look so cute as a pillow?  They were a quick fix to my little, gift problem as I finish up her quilt.

Now I've saved the best for last... this is my third "Wee Wander" quilt and what I think is my best quilt ever! It was surely the most complicated pattern that I have ever done.  And I just love this fabric so much. These colors are not quite true to life as this picture was taken with my phone, but maybe one day I'll get this quilt in a proper photo shoot.  It's really worth it!

Despite the small photo, it really is a fairly large quilt (for me, at least). The pattern is called "Red Velvet" by Camille Roskelley (again!) and it finishes at 64x73 inches.  My friend, Anne, graciously quilted it for me nearly a year ago! But I kept it a secret from my eldest, Elyse, till her ninth birthday party last week. (No, not an even-numbered year for her, but the quilt was ready, so why not? In fact, maybe it's a year late.  I doubt she got one last year...)

So that is all for now.  If you are still reading, after all this time, and now all the way to the end, you  might be wondering - "But what about Charlotte?!" She is doing so very well. She has been off of chemo for over two years now, and her subsequent MRIs still show "stable disease." That's the short version, and hopefully I'll do a longer post on her soon.  Soon! ;)


  1. Lovely to see you here Lauren! I love all these makes- Cotton and Steel is one of my favourite ranges, the economy blocks are a great block for fussy cutting and "Red Velvet" is very similar to a chubby star quilt I made a few years ago! Yours is very pretty in that fabric! So glad to hear Charlotte is doing well too!

  2. I was so glad to see a post from you! Everything is wonderful as always and I especially love the Wee Wander :)
    It's fantastic to hear Charlotte is remaining stable!! Very happy holiday wishes to you all!

  3. Lovely to see you again! Wee Wander is such a gorgeous fabric range and you have made an amazingly beautiful quilt with it :-)

  4. Lauren it is so good to see you posting on your blog again. It had me worried and I never thought to check Instagram. I'm really happy to hear that Charlotte is doing well!
    These are such fun projects. My favorite in the Wee Wander too.


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