Tuesday, July 7, 2015

A "Made in Cherry" Made with Posy

Dear Little Posy Quilt,

How I love thee.  

You took forever to make.

But keeping all your fussy cut images upright made sewing each square one by one well worth it.

I love your strawberry backing...

...and how you crinkled up so softly after the wash.

You were even so easy to quilt.  

Last but not least, I love your photo bomber, too.

Your quilter


  1. Another one I love Lauren!! So pretty :)

  2. Could there be a more adorable quilt out there? That strawberry backing is the icing on the cake. Love every detail Lauren (and especially your photobomber)!

  3. Posy is such a delightful range, isn't it? And this is a great design for it!

  4. This is such a gorgeous quilt - well worth the effort :-)

  5. What lovely fabric choices and quilting for this sweet little quilt! I agree that quilting is a sanity saver!

  6. What a beautiful quilt!!! I love that fabric line.

  7. You know I love that fabric choice ;)...and that strawberry backing, I die! Quintessential girlhood! You are a wonder to me, Lauren. Hadn't been on this site in awhile...love seeing what handiwork you are up to for the beauty and good of others. And, a belated happy 5 years to the dazzling Miss Charlotte! Love you guys!


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