Friday, March 7, 2014

Double Sneak Peek! (#12 and #13)

It's Friday, soooo... Surprise!  I'll let you sneak a peek at not one but TWO quilts today!

Remember how I sent my #glimmaquilt and this one to Logan at Chocolate Dipped Quilts?  Well, I got those two quilts back this past Monday, and then some!  Not only had she graciously offered her quilting services for the two quilts that I sent her, but she sent me two more quilts for the auction!


This first one (above) was done by her mom, Laurie.  The whole quilt is made up of these meticulously pieced star blocks.  It is a really classy quilt: lovely, traditional floral fabrics in shades of pink, brown, and cream.


The next treat in the box was this GINORMOUS quilt!  It is just so sweet.  The fabrics in this one are bright and colorful!  There are little row houses (like in the picture), these hexagons, and lots and lots of flowers.

Oh, I can hardly wait to show you both these quilts in full!  I've been giving you sneak peeks of quite a few baby quilts, so today I wanted to highlight (much!) larger and more grown-up quilts that would make great throw quilts for you and your loved one to snuggle under.  (With Friday morning comes Friday night, after all!)

I really count it as such a privilege that I am receiving so many lovely quilts.  It is so neat to see the work of so many others and to be inspired in my quilting.  Even more so, it is such a privilege to be a part of a quilting community that is so very generous and willing to help cure kids with cancer.

Have a lovely weekend, and I'll be back on Monday with another little teaser...

(And if you get some quilting done over the weekend, or just need to make a dent in the pile that needs to be sent to the quilter, I highly recommend Logan and Laurie at Chocolate Dipped Quilts.  Don't be sentimental about wanting to do the quilting yourself... just send it off and be done with the headache!  Their prices are so great... you'll be glad you did.)

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