Friday, March 21, 2014

Spring Auction Preview #19

This little sneak peek is coming to us by way of sweet Maria from Nashville.  (Does that combo - Maria + Nashville - remind anyone else of the Brooks & Dunn cover of  "My Maria"?  Sorry... I just can't help but love late '90s country hits.)


Anyhow, Maria might not like country music at all, but she does like to quilt!  She found our quilt auction during the SMS Giveaway of Heather Ross fabrics.  (Because who is not a fan, right?)  Maria has recently battled cancer and is a survivor herself, so she wanted to help out our cause.  I am so grateful for her willingness to help during such a difficult time in her life!

This quilt is made up of nine, paper-pieced blocks in orange and aqua.  There are some really great fabrics in this one!  You won't want to miss seeing and bidding on the whole thing come March 31.

Spring Auction kicks off then.  Be sure to click back over!


  1. Hey, I know Maria from Nashville! She is a doll, and this quilt is a stunner.

  2. Oh, and since I'm from Nashville too, I once walked past Ronnie Dunn in the parking lot of a home improvement store. Dude is tall.


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